Taizé services are held jointly with St Mary’s Church on Sunday evenings once every other month. We alternate between the two churches, so be sure to check not only the date of the service but the venue.

See the diary for dates of services.

What are Taizé services?

Taizé services are named after the place where they started, the ecumenical community of Taizé in France. The Taizé community, founded in 1940 by brother Roger, now has over 100 brothers (both Catholic and Protestant). Over 100,000 people, many of them young people, go on pilgrimage to Taizé every year.

Taizé worship is contemplative in style, with an emphasis on simplicity and stillness. The videos below feature a number of young people talking about their experience of Taizé and an example of one of the songs used in Taizé worship.