“The Bible is the most important book in the history of Western civilization. It is the most widely purchased, the most thoroughly studied, the most highly revered and the most completely misunderstood book – ever!”

–Bart D. Erhman, Jesus, Interrupted

Inspire is the name we give to our Bible study sessions. The Bible is a collection of many different types of text – letters, history, poetry, prophetic writings, apocalyptic writings and liturgy, among others – and in order to get an understanding of these different types of literature we need to examine how the Bible came to be written, who its various authors were and what were the historical contexts in which they were writing.

We also need to understand the relationship of the New Testament to the Old Testament (the Hebrew Bible). Much of what we read in the New Testament draws directly or indirectly on the Hebrew scriptures, hence if we take passages in isolation we can easily miss their meaning.

Inspire is thus about encouraging us to read the Bible with a spirit of open inquiry and to see familiar Bible texts with ‘fresh eyes’.